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Visiting Cheboksary and other places nearby
October 09, 2013 07:40AM
Hello there,

I am new to this site and forum so here goes.

I am planning on visiting Cheboksary as part of a trip to Kazan and also have to go to Zvenigovo. I need to be in Kazan for 3/4 days and also in Cheboksary for a similar time. I could fly into Kazan, then travel to Cheboksary and fly out from there OR vice versa. I will probably make this trip in December or January. I have some questions if anyone can help me please:

Is it easy to travel from Cheboksary to Kazan that time of year?
Would this be a train or bus journey and approximately what is the travel time?
Is it a simple matter of getting from Cheboksary to Zvenigovo at that time of year?
I might have to stay a night in Zvenigovo - are there any hotels there as I can't seem to find any?
In Cheboksary I would like a hotel with good views preferably of the Volga, any suggestions please?

I know there are a lot of questions here but would appreciate any answers even if partial ones and also any other comments which you think would be helpful.

I am from the UK and have travelled very widely but never to this region before. I do not speak Russian.


Re: Visiting Cheboksary and other places nearby
October 14, 2013 08:02AM
Hello Barnaby,
Cheboksary to Kazan is by bus around 3 hours and should be running daily this time of year. I'm not sure about Zvenigovo but can ask someone. To my knowledge there are no riverfront hotels in Cheb, it would be easier if you can stay near the city center but the newer hotels are on the outskirts, and trust me newer is better!
It would be much better, almost necessary to have a translator, you'll find some english speaking but not in train or bus stations, any public transit for that matter. Local bus system is great but confusing at first, taxi's are your best bet cheap if somebody calls for one as opposed to grab one sitting around, they'll hose you down for sure.
Not much use on this forum most are on facebook blogs, let me know if you see this message and i'll send you my personal email, i can help with a translator & part time guide, she'll be reasonable and well worth it, maybe even help find you someone in Kazan as well. We're from the states but go over once or twice a year. -Joseph
Re: Visiting Cheboksary and other places nearby
October 16, 2013 04:10AM
Hello Joseph,

Thank you very much for this - really appreciated.

I take your comments on board and will go for a newer hotel in Cheb. Any help or advice you can provide with a translator / guide would also be appreciated. My email is barryfenton@gmail.com.

If you do know anyone who knows anything about Zvenigovo that would also be most helpful. As I said, I need to go there for a day maybe overnight if I can find a reasonable place.

I presume the Volga freezes over completely through the winter and that there is then no river traffic - is this correct please?

I also want to plan a trip to some interesting places around Tbilisi in Georgia - do you know anything about that area?

I have travelled the States very extensively many years ago and lived there for a couple of years - a year in Houston and a year in Ventura, Ca.

Once again thanks for your help and information. I try to stay away from Facebook!!


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