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I went there and it was great !
July 03, 2007 04:10PM
I have followed this forum for a few months now and finally decided to register to share my experience. Yesterday I got back from my journey to Cheboksary and it was marvelous. I had the most wonderful time of my life with my lady from Cheboksary. I am from Holland and we met online at a Dutch dating site somewhere in April this year. We started writing each other and I phoned her once in a while. As it turned out she was from Cheboksary, a place I never heard of before. At one time I expressed my desire to visit her there and she answered I was more than welcome.

I managed to book everything online, the plane ticket Amsterdam-Moscow-Amsterdam, the train ticket Moscow-Cheboksary and my stay at the two star Rossiya Hotel. Having read the discouraging stories about the Russian star system not being comparable to European standards, the quality of the hotel was however far better than I expected. There was nothing wrong with the room and the facilities and I can recommend it to everyone. The train ticket was provided by the unmatched Andrei Belitsky from Peace Travel Services. At Domodedovo Airport a young guide was waiting for me with the ticket and the boy took me on the train to Pavaletsky Railway Station and via the subway brought me all the way to Kazansky Railway Station. Without his help I never would have made it.

Although I travelled in a first class compartment the journey by train was not that comfortable. It felt like it would last forever and I did not get much sleep. But the Russian man I shared the compartment with, was kind and spoke English well. We had good conversations. For the way back from Cheboksary to Moscow, I did not arrange anything. I worried a bit about it, but I assumed I would get help from my lady once I arrived in Cheboksary. And so she did. On the second day of my stay, she took me to a travel agency, where I booked a plane ticket. Since domestic flights from Cheboksary have Moscow Vnukovo as the airport of destination, I opted for a domestic flight from Kazan in stead. In that way I didn't have to worry about a transfer between Vnukovo and Domodedovo.

During my stay in Cheboksary I had a lovely time. In general you could say that the climate and atmosphere in the summer are not that different from being on vacation for example at the French Riviera, the Spanish Costa Del Sol or the Portugese Algarve. The only important aspect that is missing for mass tourism is a boulevard with cosy restaurants and terraces. However, the summer in Cheboksary is of course too short to make such a development viable. That being the case, one of the things that made my visit the more special, was the exceptional feeling that I was the first Dutch man ever to visit a remote place like Cheboksary. True or not, that was the perception I had. During my stay I did not hear one other foreign language when we were on the street and people were turning their heads when they heard us talking in English to each other. It was great.

We went to the town beach where I swam in the Wolga. A few times we took the ferry boat to the beach on the other side of the Wolga. At night we went out for romantic dinners or enjoying the live music in the large beer tent nearby the riverbank. Just out of curiosity I even saw a synchronized Bruce Willis in Die Hard, part 4.

One day we visited her small garden (dacha) 17 km outside Cheboksary where we had a barbeque with her neighbors, who stayed there almost all summer. The people lived there without electricity in a small shed with a only a bed and a kitchen sink. The neighbor�s two daughters were also present with husband and children. The experience was so warm, funny and intense, I cried when we left in the evening. Of course I also visited her small apartment in a so called sleeping district of Cheboksary where I had to flip through all her photo albums while drinking Balzam.

On the final day we drove to Kazan. The original plan was to go there by bus, but once at the busstation we were immediately approached by a man who offered to bring us by car. It seemed like an illegal activity to me, but my lady assured me it was safe and not uncommon in Russia. Besides, it would save us much time. So with the suitcase in the trunk of a very old Lada we went 170 km "Russian Extreme" all the way to Kazan. Once there we had time enough the visit the centre of the city and the Kremlin of Tatarstan. The centre of Kazan was nice and modern, but I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the trams. Like you were in an open air museum, beautiful and amazing. Now I�m back in rainy Holland, cherishing the memories, the souvenirs and wearing a Cheboksary t-shirt.

I was there only for a week, I miss her and would like to go back immediately. We will see what the future brings.
Re: I went there and it was great !
July 28, 2007 02:17PM
smileys with beer

Glad to see someone else went there and had a great exerience. I've grown tired of reading about all the scams, when there is so much more to Cheboksary and the beautiful women of the Chuvash Republic. I ought to know since my wife is from there. Colin thanks for your detailed post of your trip.
Re: I went there and it was great !
August 05, 2007 06:41PM
Kevin, I share your feelings about the forum. I'm really disappointed, because there's almost nothing else than postings about possible scamsthumbs up. In stead the forum should somehow be used to promote the citythumbs down, to share travel experiences and so on. I wrote my story and hoped it would be the starting point for more stories like mine. I'm afraid it's not going to happen. I'm nevertheless proud I took the step to go there and I'm already making plans for my next journey. But first my lady is coming over to Holland. Last week she received her visa and she will be with me for two weeks in September smiling smiley. Although she speaks English quite well, I recently started a Russian language course, because I like to learn more about her country.

[attachment 179 CentrumKazan.jpg]
Re: I went there and it was great !
August 17, 2007 12:32AM
Hej Colin You sure seem to have a real good vacation in Chuvashia. I have visited this area too, and never had the bad experience everyone on this forum is having. I think they are real nice people. I have visit there homes, been in the sauna, drunk much vodka, too much. I also like the old Tramway in Kazan. I was so pisssed as my camera batterie was flat and I was not able to snap the machine when it came beside me.
My shock was that the people are so badly payed. I asked what a girl in a store in Cheboksary who works all day is earning maybe $100-$200 for a month. But they are well educated, maybe to university standard, speak English as good as I. So I am not so surprised when some will hope that they will get money from a rich guy from America, if they write a email loveletter. Nobody is force to send money! But in a country where just a Samsung washing machine is costing $550, a few dollars can make a big change to a live.
I always say people must visit in Chuvashia and Tatastan. I ride the train there from Moskva overnight. It is most comfortable. The country is beautiful with ancient houses, the Volga is 2 km wide! This summer I swam in the Volga river. and the Kreml in Kazan is also fantastic. The food is good (not the horses meat!) and as you can see from this forum, the women are very pretty. I hope you are happy with your lady. Do you learn Russian. It is not so hard as they say and they love to hear western people speek it. My friends laugh when I try and we drink more Wodka.
Re: I went there and it was great !
August 18, 2007 01:19AM
Excellent! I'm really glad to hear this because I'm thinking about coming there to meet a girl before Winter sets in. I'm sure she is a scammer but I don't care that much. She is very sincere with me and has told me alot about her Family etc. I agree in that I don't really blame the girls for making some extra $$ if they can. Call me stupid perhaps but it might be worth the trip and a good vacation. :-)
Re: I went there and it was great !
August 18, 2007 02:19AM
Hej, If you want one advise, let you frind do all the speaking, when you go in shops or ride a cab. You can be ripped of if they hear a foreigner. If you fly over Moskva there is a little Airport in Cheboksary but the change in Moskva is very costful and stressful. Another way is on the train overnight from Moskva, which I enjoy. It is very comfortable but a little hot. It last precisely 12 hours and if you take firstklass the women make tea to your cabin. But now there is also a Lufthansa connection direct Frankfurt to Kazan. I do not know if you come from USA but to change plane in Frankfurt is to be preferred. Kazan is a most beautiful city and a 2 hours taxi journey to Cheboksary, which is also a nice clean town, but smaller. My driver was a crazyman and I learn to say 'please drive slowly' in Russian after we nearly die in the front of the bus overtaking a truck on a bend in a rain storm. I took off many kilos. The Russian divers are the most bad in the world. The problem with the Lufthansa is that it arrives in Kazan in the dawn. You fly over the Volga river whcih is enorm wide but it is so early. You can stay in a most comfortable modern hotel called Mirage. They say on the internet it is $225 per night but I payed about $200 for 2 nights with some food etc. When you stay in Cheboksary I hope you visit the dacha of your lady. There you must eat Shashlyk, drink Wodka and go in the Banya, which is the Russian sauna. She will hit you with small sticks still with the leaves! It is funny and you will enjoy this. And one more advise, my freind, remove your shoes when you enter her appartment. I make this mistake the first time and it is a faux pas. Enjoy!
Re: I went there and it was great !
August 22, 2007 03:57PM
drquest Wrote:
> Excellent! I'm really glad to hear this because
> I'm thinking about coming there to meet a girl
> before Winter sets in. I'm sure she is a scammer
> but I don't care that much. She is very sincere
> with me and has told me alot about her Family etc.
> I agree in that I don't really blame the girls
> for making some extra $$ if they can. Call me
> stupid perhaps but it might be worth the trip and
> a good vacation. :-)

If you're sure she's a scammer, I would be very careful if I were you. If she doesn't send you robotic messages, but writes about personal things, she might be a real person. However, before you go there you should at least have a real address and spoken to her by phone several times.
Re: I went there and it was great !
August 22, 2007 04:30PM
Hi there CheckbooksRus, it's good to hear there are more people that had a good time in Chuvashia smileys with beer. However I don't share your opinion about the overnight train thumbs up. I was exhausted when I finally arrived after 12 long hours.

The other thing that was different than I expected was that I didn't have to take my shoes off. When we arrived at my girl's apartment I asked her if I should take my shoes off, but she didn't mind at all. When we were at her neighbour's dacha the same story. There was no question of a faux pas in my case.

I've had 5 lessons in Russian language till so far. It's not that difficult I agree with you. My teacher is on vacation for three weeks now, but when my girl is with me I will practice with her. She arrives September 7th. We write each other SMS almost every day and I look forward to it very much.
Re: I went there and it was great !
August 23, 2007 01:59AM
Hej Colin,I think Russian not so hard if you already have a language with declination like German or Latin, But if you are English mother-speaker, with no concept of grammatik then it is torture! But Colin I agree with your posting, to Dr Quest. Of course one must be careful who you are visiting, but if his lady is a real person, so he will have a nice time in Cheboksary. They are the most nicest people. But if he is a victim of a scamming fraud and has fallen in love with an email from a stranger, then Mr Rogers and Mr Hart have words for this:

Falling in Love with Love is falling for make-believe!
Falling in Love with Love is playing the fool!
Caring too much is such a juvenile fancy!
Learning to trust is just for children in school.
I fell in Love with Love one night when the moon was full
I was unwise with eyes unable to see!
I fell in Love with Love with love ever-lasting.
But Love fell out, with me!

I hope Dr Quest the song is wrong and you succeed in your quest for the perfect Chuvash housewife supermodel life companion and do not be robbed instead..

The safer idee is that you will meet not in Cheboksary the first time, perhaps Moskva or also in Turkei. Russian people are not needing Visa in Turkei and if she is real woman, send her ticket, not money. You can make the rezervation in the internet for her.

Also everyone one on this posting site must read 'A short History of Tractors in Ukrainian' by Marina Lewycka, it is funny and it is relevant!
Re: I went there and it was great !
September 22, 2007 11:40AM
Wish we could visit again this year, maybe we can make it to Cheboksary in time to see Eurosport next year.
[attachment 231 CheboksaryBlbd2006.jpg]
Re: I went there and it was great !
November 20, 2007 05:39PM
I'm back again from Cheboksary. Not much exciting to tell, just spent a lovely time with my lady, mostly in her apartment. Here are some pictures from the snowy world outside.

The marsjroetka's at the avtobus vokzal
[attachment 307 Cheboksary6.jpg]

In the distance Mother Russia as she will always be there
[attachment 308 Cheboksary4.jpg]

My lady near the banks of the Wolga
[attachment 309 Cheboksary5.jpg]
Re: I went there and it was great !
November 27, 2007 11:04AM

I was interested to read your post. I am from Ireland and my wife is from Cheboksary, I met her in Spain where we live. We are going to Cheboksary for new year for 2 weeks. I am really looking forward to it, it should be great crack.

Do you know any good restaurants and nightclubs ?

We are taking the train from Moscow, which should be interesting !

Again, I enjoyed your post.

Good luck !
Re: I went there and it was great !
November 27, 2007 11:17AM
hallo. I also will be there for newjears. may be we can all get together over the fest day with our beautiful chuvash partners. cheers
Re: I went there and it was great !
December 20, 2007 01:35AM
Hello, just to get an idea, how much money did the visa cost. In euro or US dollar. Thanks, Dave
Re: I went there and it was great !
December 20, 2007 02:30AM
Hallo Dave, go online for prices list. There are agencies who are specialist. The price for Tourist visa for Russia is depending how quick you wish your passport returned. Same day is expensive but three weeks is much cheepest. Maybe $150 total. Your travel agency will organize this.
But the best is to have business multiples visit visa. It takes your time to organize and cost maybe $500 total. Again your travel advisor will complete the formality. Travel to and in Russia is a pleasure not problem if you have your patience and your papers are correkt. And speak a little Russian!drinking smiley
Re: I went there and it was great !
March 07, 2008 01:01AM
It seems like a nice place to have a vacation i think someday i will go there too .
And i also like the pic`s i have seen of Cheboksary !
Re: I went there and it was great !
March 07, 2008 06:37AM
I will go there one day to discover white flowers which show up on some pictures. There are some number of honest Cheb women
looking for good men. Certainly, it is great place to visit between April and October. smileys with beerlove and hearts
Re: I went there and it was great ! smiling smiley
May 09, 2008 08:04AM
Yes, I had an excellent experience there in Cheboksary! Great tourist vacation destination. Those who go there will not be disappointed. thumbs down I give it two thumbs way up. thumbs down
Re: I went there and it was great !
June 05, 2008 01:42AM
Re: I went there and it was great !
June 06, 2008 10:18PM
Colin. Thanks for all your great advice. I am so glad to hear that for once there is a story of a legitimate cheboksary women instead of all the scammers you hear about from there. Restores my belief that not all human beings are animals
Re: I went there and it was great !
January 19, 2011 06:21PM
Hi Colin,

It has been very beneficial reading your posts on this forum, i'm planning a trip there in a few months, can you help me with my trip with any information that would be useful for an English man to travel to Cheb on my own ? cheers, would be really useful.
Re: I went there and it was great !
August 31, 2012 02:54AM
It is one of the best places in the world to visit.
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