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Just curious
December 08, 2010 10:18AM
Wondering who owns the cheboksaryrussia.net website?
I've spent over 3 months there and find it a great city full of strong wonderful people. The descriptions on the website are discouraging (to put it mildly) party kids describing the train rides, dog shit in the winter, don't think about working or moving here you might get beat up? I find none of this to be true and could easily write about all the good things that would make you want to visit someday.
I would be happy to write some nicer descriptions if possible.
Sorry to criticize, this place is like a second home to me now and i would love to see it painted in a better way. [img]


Re: Just curious
December 24, 2010 06:14PM
There are many positive descriptions:

Cheboksary is a gem in provincial Russia. The streets are remarkably clean, the townsfolk don't look angry, and monuments to the local culture, most notably cathedrals, are replacing rusted out missile factories. Cheboksary was awarded "Best Run City of 2002" by Tsar Putin himself. Given Chuvashia's lack of natural resources, its a mystery how the city is better maintained than its ridiculously oil rich neighbor Kazan.
The people of Cheboksary are saintly God-Men (and Women). Apartment doors are unlocked day and night. Cars are left unattended with the engine running. If you are hungry, just walk up to the nearest home and knock on the door. A Cheboksarian will feed you his last potato. Yes its all true!


Once the spring dust clears Cheboksary metamorphasizes into a Riviera-esque paradise. The air becomes clean and dry. During the summer solstice days last 19 hours. Even at night you can still make the sun, which defiantly peeks out from under the horizon. When temperatures rise into the 90s, and they often do, residents flock to sandy beaches that are only minutes from the city center.

Feel free to share your experiences of living in Cheboksary here in the forum.

Re: Just curious
December 30, 2010 04:18PM
'Just curious' thread should be a sticky imho
and Happy New Year 2011
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