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What is Pavelesky Station really?
October 16, 2009 03:24PM
I caught a book called "Moscow Underground." The cover is amazing, and when you turn it over you get only a reference to an underground Moscow Secret Society and the most bizzare weather conditions in the world at a popular train stop in Siberia. As written in a Russian English I could not find reference to the book online, but many copies in one location in Los Angeles. Spending most of my time reading Russian literature in Russian, I am finding this one to be the best and most difficult. The whole talk of the Aurorians of Siberia give it a deeper force of meaning when read Orally by Siberian Inuits and orther Arctic civilizations. There are perhaps as many cover to cover stories like these among the Gypsy/Bedouine Societies, transmitted ritualistically and performed in native tongues, sometimes written down in occultic languages, Russian especially the best thought out language in the world. Better than Soltzienitsin, or even Gorky, but even Gorky Park under the Moscow Night Sky, are not unlike the Moscow Underground. To Americans, Russia is viewed as the ultimate ski mission to the moon, and yet the final stomping ground for other spiritual giants that can only be experienced, such as revolution, other than as a scrap of Russian history. Like the plot of most other written Russian works, Moscow Underground is a plot that is moving so quickly yet unexpectedly that paying attention ot Tolstoy, The Bible, or even the Qoran is the only way to stay alive, and keep you freedom and insanity. The whole idea of firing a rocket over a frozen endless tundra covered of ice and snow seems like an irresistable excersize in flying and leaving the world even, better than the hopes of walking across Siberia as they claim Stalin had done, covering thousands of uncharted miles of frozen snow covered desert. Yuri Oleg describes Pavelskty Station as the best place in Russia to lose a large honey bee colony, especially if you expect the trains to run ontime, but the whole thought of pine trees getting pulled out of the ground and planted on upside down slopes in powerful vortexing storms seems yet impossible to believe, but even more interesting than all over flying or creepy crawling thing in the world.
Re: What is Pavelesky Station really?
October 26, 2009 04:04PM
searching > "Moscow Underground"novel < > [en.wikipedia.org]
I got quite a few hits including wiki and this one


Yuri Oleg describes Pavelskty Station as the best place in Russia to lose a large honey bee colony,
Yuri & Oleg ???? Mumiy Troll ? smiling bouncing smiley
Re: What is Pavelesky Station really?
March 16, 2010 05:51PM
Oli? Mumiya and Dino...thnx for the link...happy hole! hopiya!
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