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Wow,what an interesting forum!
August 16, 2009 01:22AM
Wow,what an interesting forum!
Too bad,I discovered it just tonight.
I'm originally from Chuvashia and we just returned from our trip to Cheboksary .I went to Russia for 2,5 month with my husband and son.
My husband loves over there,he goes with me almost every year and been there already five times.
We are already planning our trip for the next year,it is fun to visit other cities and countries on our way.
We live in the US .
Re: Wow,what an interesting forum!
August 18, 2009 01:04AM
Welcome to the forum Oksana!
Where in the US do you live? My wife, Natalia, is Chuvash and we have a son named Aiden. We currently live in Oak Harbor, WA.

smileys with beer
Re: Wow,what an interesting forum!
August 18, 2009 11:17PM
Thank you.
Currently we live in Spanaway,Tacoma area,also Washington state.
For a short time we lived in Tukwila,in 2004 bought a house closer to the military bases,husband was a military that time.
I never been in Oak Harbor,never traveled norther than Everett,we have relatives over there.
Re: Wow,what an interesting forum!
August 19, 2009 12:24AM
Small world, I am in the Navy and Natalia works on base at the CDC. There is a group called Amerusmilfamily ยท Russian wives & husbands of US Military
Re: Wow,what an interesting forum!
August 21, 2009 04:01AM
Hi Oksana,

Does your husband like it well enough to move there one day? It is my goal eventually, hopefully by the time I am 45. I would love to hear about any thoughts you or he would have concerning an American living in Ceboksary.
Re: Wow,what an interesting forum!
August 22, 2009 02:02AM
He told me few times he is going to do it(when he gets angry at our government).
I don't think it will happen,too many complications,and I don't want it either.
He goes over there every year,so he is totally satisfied with it.
I don't think it is easy for American to survive in provincial town without speaking Russian language fluently.
How long was your longest trip to Russia?
This summer my husband went for 2,5 month with me.It is a longest time he been there (compare 2-4 weeks other times).
He defiantly enjoyed that time, but there some drawbacks,even with unlimited internet and English TV channels.
The lifestyle is totally different,food(Mexican,Chinese,etc. restaurants are not the same),people speak in foreign language,
no family,no cold drinks in summer,no air conditioning in lot of places,especially in transport,etc...
First you can get a guest visa for 3 month,stay over there,and figure out can you handle it or not,especially in winter.
Re: Wow,what an interesting forum!
August 28, 2009 02:46AM
I have been there four times, 1 month was the longest I have stayed. For me it is more of an intrigue, as I would love to learn Russian fluently and assimilate into a new culture. I love my family there (wife's family) and Russian history in particular is very interesting to me.

I am pondering the move in about 5 years, when I should have enough money to live there long term without having a local job. It would be challenging, but a fascinating way to live. You only live once, so you have to do what is interesting :-)

Besides, I despise Obama and the socialists that run our government. I could always come back for trips when I need to see the family.

Thank you so much for the answer :-)
Re: Wow,what an interesting forum!
October 18, 2009 05:35PM
Hello Oksana !
I just return from first visit to Cheboksary, Wow !! It was also my first time in Russia so there was some "culture shock" but mosty in a good way.
The first thing i did was buy a new coat and try to "blend in", but that didn't work at all. (go figure...) It took almost a full week to get my eyes open and relax to a point where i could begin to fully enjoy the experience, but this was also through meeting more people one on one in normal settings. But isn't this what it's all about?
I was fortunate to have English speaking people around me most of the time, this was so helpful my Russian is very limited, but it got easier as time went along. From certain key words, i still couldn't follow conversations but had an idea what it was about. Two times i had occasion to speak at an English class, one was in a childrens school and the other a public adult class that meets every Tuesdat night in a community building. This was a very fun and productive way to meet new people.
Now the best part; Cheboksary is awesome! I look forward to the next time (minus the culture shock!) I was impressed with how clean and orderly things were, public transportation, parks, stores and restaurants, the food was good everywhere and i had fun cooking up a few American dish's as well. Only one small problem- ice for drinks was a serious commodity, but a never ending source of amusement and curiousity everywhere i went ! One day we were skating at the Volga River Park, stopped in for a "burger" (Coke with no ice) at the corner McDonalds, and a crew of 20 - 30 skaters blew by us across the bridge and poof- they were gone!
I have some good pictures and will share them soon as i figure out a good way, plus some other stories and candid notes from a "first timer!" . I think this forum is a good thing, it was helpful for me and maybe some others who might go there too ? Thanks -Joseph
Re: Wow,what an interesting forum!
October 20, 2009 01:43PM
I'm glad you liked over there, Joseph.
About ice,yes ,it is a big problem for Americans going to Russia.
Most people not just don't have their drinks with ice,they heat it up also,for example,warm beer..
I had to ask for ice in McDonald's ,sometimes they find it.
I hope your trips to Russia will be more frequent and more enjoyable.
Re: Wow,what an interesting forum!
November 15, 2009 08:33PM
My wife will return home for her first time since leaving and will spend the month of January. As of now I have been to Russia enough in Jan. but I do want to visit in the Summer.
She has a big family and many friends so I am sure she will be very busy.
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