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English - Russian translator
June 24, 2008 11:21PM

Does anyone out there know of a good translating program. I have tried a few on the web but some of the translations come out really weird!

If anyone can give me some light on a good one I'd appreciate it.

I realise a lot of it will not be exact but....

Re: English - Russian translator
June 25, 2008 05:13AM
Have you tried this, I use it for English - Italian and even before I send if translation is correct.


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Re: English - Russian translator
June 25, 2008 01:53PM
Djoeye and imbatunio , thank you very much for the help.

i will try the various ones and see which one likes my SA english best!winking smiley
And I think I need to start learning Russian though the alphabet really gets me!

cheers again
Re: English - Russian translator
June 29, 2008 01:58AM
Zoog the Russian alphabet is dead easy once you get the hang of it and you cannot learn Russian without it. It should take no more than a day or two. Russian words are mostly spelled the way they sound, unlike good old English. Try explaining why you don't sound out about half (let alone all) the letters in 'Knightsbridge' to a Russian shopaholic trying to get to Harrods in a taxi.
Here is a useful Russian - English typing (keyboard) program. Tero Russian Magictyper. Its shareware and the author appreciates a few quid via Paypal.
As for translators, I have tried them all, but tend to use Google Translate. No its not perfect, but at least we can now correspond with clients, friends, staff, agencies, companies, organisations and governments all over the world in something approaching their own language, which we never could before, not even 3 years ago. I think that is amazing, truly truly amazing.

Oh yeah, and once you have cracked the alphabet, let us know how you are doing with perfective and imperfective forms of verbs of motion. G'luck mate!
Re: English - Russian translator
July 03, 2008 03:56AM
Re translators
I use two, but mainly GOOGLE - [translate.google.com] AND I always reverse the translation - if it does not reverse keeping the intent of the message then I use this one - [www.freetranslation.com] I also combine parts of each translator to be understood as much as possible.

AND, CheckbooksRus, that is very different to my experience!!!! When I first started learning Russian I was told that Russian was sounded as it is spelt , and that made my initial attempts to learn Russian difficult, but once I made some friends I QUICKLY discovered that Russian is every bit as complicated as English - E.G. How do you pronounce "спасибо" - the "o" is NOT pronounced "o", and there are many more examples.

Re Keyboard.
To Russify your keyboard:- If you are running WindowsXP then install Russian, and then go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\osk.exe, and right click on osk.exe and send shortcut to desktop!l When you have instaled the new language the default for switching from English to Russian is SHIFT & ALT pressed at the same time, but you can choose another option if you wish (e.g. SHIFT & CTRL). To use the OSK.EXE desktop keyboard double click and it will come up and stay on top. Hope this is not too confusing smiling smiley

Re: English - Russian translator
July 13, 2008 09:53AM


anche questi sembrano buoni
che dite?

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Re: English - Russian translator
August 01, 2008 11:02PM
Hi Xtreme1, I just picked up your post. In answer to your valid point;
"How do you pronounce "спасибо" - the "o" is NOT pronounced "o".
When I made the same observation to my Teacher, he said "pronounce it like the 'o' in 'oven' and not like the 'o' in women!"
No Mate, Russian is a doddle to spell compared to English, even though you are quite right there are a couple of anomalies ... like 'g' pronounced 'v' sometimes (eg - его), but then they make up for it by producing single letters for sounds we can only fudge in English. I like (ч) for 'ch' and (ш) for 'sh' or best of all (я) for 'yeah'.

As for your info about the Keyboard, the reason why I like the clever Tero Magictyper is that the letters roughly correspond with my English keyboard. If I follow your route and change the keyboard to RU everytime, then I need to have RU keys (or some kind of overlay) which I don't have and can't be arsed to get, for the odd quick note I write now and then. Give it a try I think you will like it. Cheers
Re: English - Russian translator
July 03, 2009 12:19AM

I am new to the forum. I saw your post about keyboards. I found a great company that makes dual and even tri language keyboards.
I had them make me a English/Russian keyboard on the Borealis Firefly (a backlit keyborad). They also do laptops and cell phones. Using this and the quick left ALT SHIFT switching I can go from Russian to English and back again with great ease. Hope this is of help.
Re: English - Russian translator
July 07, 2009 11:08AM
Re: English - Russian translator
July 10, 2009 03:28AM
Windows Mobile based PDA users, can trial download a great little multi-lingual keyboard at Spb Keyboard.
Its good for short messages and has both word completion and spell-check in which ever language you pick - there are lots to switch between, all pre-loaded. Its brilliant for Russian.
I use it with the very pretty and functional Spb shell, (which is what WM 6.1 should have been like), but I think it works well as a stand alone app.
(Note - I pass this info on without any connection with Spb or techie know-how. You are on your own!)
Re: English - Russian translator
August 29, 2009 07:53AM
Rather than switching keyboards or making other changes to my computer I bought my wife a $ 200 used laptop on e-bay and she loaded it up for all her Russian needs and uses the Wi-Fi on my AT&T Internet connection. There is an added plus in that we can both be on the Internet at the same time.
Re: English - Russian translator
September 21, 2014 09:15AM
I use it for English - Italian and even before I send if translation is correct.

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